I do things. Writing code, configuring, breaking and fixing things became my daily routine. It may sound silly but I like to write webscrapers because in some cases it's great exercise, similar to solving riddles, helping my brain not to die. During last two and half of decade I've been writing code in assembly (for m68k and i386), PHP, Python, Fortran and a bit in Go and Javascript. Since I've skilled in reading code in languages that I don't know I have some success with reverse engineering, e.g. Android apps (hey, ebay! - your private api isn't so private anymore). And as a teenager that felt in love with demoscene and low-poly - sometimes I like to write down things that I imagine, like this one:

However, I don't enjoy producing code that much nowaday. I still like to use it to make machines do what I want them to, but connecting bigger bricks is much more enjoyable. As old saying goes - my homelab is my castle. It's always evolving and various hardware helps me to practice my bit-fu and somewhat feeds my addiction (datahoarding, not even once).
BTW - this site is hosted from my rack too (via VPN to OVH)

I'm kind of MOOC-addict - Qwiklabs and Coursera are main places when I get my daily fix and there's always so much new to be learned, not necessarily about tools we've created