A while ago I've been repairing my NUC 5i5MYHE motherboard and had to replace bunch of SMD elements. It was pretty challenging task to remove 0603 components with only "Third Hand" Tool so I've started to think how to make things easier without investing a ton of money on something like microscope. I had bunch of Raspberry Pi in various versions lying around, two or three camera modules and 28-30 lens with malfunctioning autofocus motor from my old EOS 33 camera - should be perfect for such project so I've started tinkering in Fusion 360. After multiple test prints I came up with first version that was doing what it was supposed to:

Right image: camera zooming on caliper (next to big three below 10" screen)

Results were pretty satisfying so I have ordered 1/4-20 UNC threaded inserts that I wanted like to add to design before releasing it to wider public and since it will be delivered in about month or so, I've put it back on shelf till then.